Help with British Gas' new system update

Technology is always changing. So, to give you the best customer experience, we’ve created a new energy account system that will make managing your energy as easy as possible.



What you need to know

 1. New account number

You’ll get a new account number that you can use whenever you contact us. It will also be available in your online account, on the letter we sent when we moved your account over, or any correspondence we’ve sent you since.

 2. Balances

We'll transfer any credit balances to our new system, which you can use to pay future bills.

3. Extra support

If you were on the Priority Services Register, we'll continue to help you, including free gas safety checks.

4. Bills

We'll still send you paper communications if you receive paper bills. But if you would like to change your billing options, let us know.

5. Payments

If there’s no change in your usage your Direct Debit , payment card amounts and the date you pay them will stay the same.

6. Your details

We'll securely move your Direct Debit details to our new account system, so you might receive a notification from your bank to let you know.

Download the new British Gas
Energy app

For our new system, we have a new-look app. Search for ‘British Gas Energy’ in the App store and Google Play.

Common FAQs

I think my reading is too low

Send us an up-to date meter reading , so you’re only paying for the energy you’ve used.

I think my reading is too high

Send us an up-to-date meter reading, and if you’ve overpaid for your energy usage, you could be eligible for a refund. Please contact us on Live Chat - we’re open Monday to Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday 9am-5pm. Alternatively, you could use the credit to pay future bills.

Your energy usage can take a few weeks to show on your smart meter. Update your settings in your online account or the app so that your meter sends us half-hourly readings. This can help you keep track of your costs more easily and see where you could use energy less.

I’m having trouble accessing my new account

If you have trouble accessing your new account, try resetting your password on the login page first. And if that doesn’t work, please contact us on Live Chat - we’re open Monday to Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday 9am-5pm.

Will my smart meter work on the new system?

Yes, moving onto our new system won’t have any impact on smart meters. If your smart meter was working correctly before the switch, it’ll continue to work afterwards.

Why can’t I see all my details in my new account?

It may take up to 2 weeks to transfer your information when we move you across to our new system.

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