Start your journey to cleaner, greener driving. Electric vehicle (EV) home charging

Make the switch to electric driving stress-free with a Hive home charger. And if you’re a British Gas electricity customer, or you switch to us, you’ll get a year of free driving too!¹

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Get 12 months’ FREE charging with Hive

Charge your EV for less with the UK’s cheapest EV rate.2

What EV home charger do you have?

Already have a Hive EV charger? When paired with Hive EV Charging and SmartCharge our Electric Driver Tariff is the UK’s lowest rate.1

With SmartCharge, you could get a 4p/kWh credit saving on all your EV charging with Hive SmartCharge.3 All you need to do is get your electricity from us and enable the free SmartCharge feature in your Hive app. Combine this with our Electric Driver tariff, and you could be paying an equivalent of just 3.9p/kWh if you plug in overnight between 12am – 5am.

If you’re yet to buy an EV charger, our market-leading FreeCharge offers 12 months of free home charging1 when you buy a Hive EV charger and get your electricity from us.

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Expert EV charging installation with British Gas

Enjoy easier EV charging at home with professional installation by British Gas-approved experts. Then once installed, Hive’s smart technology will fully charge the average EV battery in just 8 hours.



Or just £119.90 a month for 10 months, interest free4

  • 7.4kW smart EV home charger
  • Compatible with all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles
  • 3-year warranty
  • 24/7 support from Hive
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The Hive app puts you in charge anywhere, anytime

Take control of your EV charging with the award-winning Hive app.

  • Get accurate, real-time updates during charging
  • Sync with your tariff to charge when it's cheapest
  • Keep track of your spending in pounds and pence

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Additional information

  1. FreeCharge is only available for customers with a Hive EV Charger and a British Gas Electricity Tariff and Smart Meter. Maximum consumption limits apply. Please read the FreeCharge Terms & Conditions and FAQs on the Hive website.

  2. Based on electricity prices correct as of 25/06/2024. When you plug in your EV for 6 hours or more covering the period of 12am to 5am, you’ll qualify for a 4p credit towards your EV tariff night rate of 7.9p/kWh for all electrical consumption. 4p/kWh credit also applies at any other time of day on any other British Gas electricity tariff if your EV is left plugged in for 6 hours or more.

  3. By managing your charger with Hive SmartCharge we’ll give you a credit each month with money back directly on your British Gas bill.

  4. Subject to status and minimum spend.