Why more women are saying ‘yes’ to a British Gas apprenticeship 

British Gas are helping female engineers.

It’s predicted that by 2022 the UK will need two million STEM (Science, technology, engineering and maths) professionals, and yet today around 7% of professional engineers are women 1. British Gas are a company who want to encourage women entering the engineering industry by driving real change, narrowing the gender gap, and improving diversity within the sector. That’s why we’ve been on a huge recruitment drive for female apprentices – inviting them to embark on training for a promising and rewarding career in engineering. 

We’re happy to say that so far, it’s working. Many women have now joined our apprenticeship scheme – and here, three of them tell us why they decided to say ‘yes’ to a bright new future in engineering.



With the world moving into a carbon neutral future, it's a really interesting time to join British Gas.

Before joining British Gas, I was employed by Tesco for 18 years. The best thing about working in retail was the customer interaction, no two days were the same. When I relocated last year, I knew I wanted a different career. With my transferrable skills, I wanted to work in a customer focused environment. So, when I saw the apprenticeship vacancies at British Gas, I was drawn to learning something new in a completely different sector, which would give me that customer interaction as well.

The best thing about being an apprentice at British Gas is the unlimited support I get from everyone, not just the instructors at the academy, but through my mentors and my manager. The training is second to none and it’s delivered so seamlessly and inclusively that you wouldn’t feel new to the sector for long.

I would wholeheartedly, unreservedly, without a shadow of a doubt advise people to take the leap of faith into a new career and don’t let anything hold you back!

I love having conversations with our customers about their energy consumption. Knowing that, because of my visit, they could reduce their carbon emissions.



I was working as a personal trainer when lockdown hit, so my career was immediately in limbo. I knew an apprenticeship would give me new skills, and a solid trade.

I needed to find a way to challenge myself. I decided to upskill in order to complement my Pilates practice by learning web development…Then I stumbled across an ad to become a British Gas engineer. I knew an apprenticeship would push me and give me new skills, and a solid trade, with the potential to get further qualifications in areas of sustainability such as EV charging or heat pump installation. And the British Gas partnership with Tech She Can really spoke to me. Every aspect resonated with my current skill set and future ideals.

If you’re thinking about going through the British Gas engineering academy, my advice would be to enjoy it. Everyone is very supportive, and the groups you come across are always happy to share their knowledge. You start to develop your skill set and learn to break down complex problems into smaller components – it’s all part of the training to become a Smart Energy Expert.

I knew this would push me, and offer me the potential to get further qualifications in areas of sustainability, such as EV charging or heat pump installations.



I got into my apprenticeship through a British Gas advert I stumbled upon. It was encouraging women to apply – and I loved the fact that I would be provided with all the training I would need to hit the ground running.

It’s amazing how much I’ve learned from ‘on the job’ training and my mentor has been supportive of my learning journey.

What inspires me the most at British Gas are the never-ending opportunities that become available. I’m looking forward to becoming the best I can be in my new role and the opportunities for progression that may follow, such as cross-skilling in new areas of sustainability like heat pumps and electric vehicle charging points.

The best advice I could give someone looking to join is to trust the learning process. Don’t feel at a disadvantage because you may not have previous skills or knowledge relating to the role.

What inspires me most is the prospect of progressing within the company… I’m looking forward to cross-skilling in new areas like heat pumps and electric vehicle charging points.

Would you like to say ‘yes’ to a bright future in engineering?

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